A Typical Spartan Day

ImageYou wake up in the morning when your body is ready–not when the alarm clock sounds. You make yourself a banana and strawberry smoothie that’s as tasty as it is healthy.

When you open up your email account, you find another purchase order or two, sent while you were sleeping–more passive income, one more step towards financial freedom. You work like hell for the three hours or so trying to make yourself some money selling products you developed. And then you’re done. Note: this is not slaving away for 8 hours per day 50 weeks per year for the Big Boss Man (or Woman) who can fire you at any moment on their own whim. Spartans are independent.

Now it’s probably 1 p.m. or so, which means it’s time for The Spartan Workout. The Spartan Workout may involve lifting heavy weights as many times as possible until your muscles shake violently. It might also involve running as hard and fast as you can for as long as you possible can. Lunch might be a tuna fish sandwich with just enough mayo to keep it together (not much).

You get home and enjoy some leisure time. A wise Spartan will take this opportunity to better himself. He will learn a new skill, or take up a new trade. He may learn how to build furniture, or repair automobiles. He may read a great book for men, preferably written by someone like Herman Melville, or Ernest Hemingway. If he’s feeling extra energetic today, he may play some pickup basketball.

Before you know it, it’s dinner time. You grab some chicken out of your refrigerator that you defrosted last night for today, cut it up into small peices and set it aside. Then you chop up some peppers, mushroom, and on onion. Butter is then melted on a skillet on the stovetop and in go the items. When they’re done, you take them out and eat them over some white rice. The Spartan cleans the dishes when he’s full and is done with it.

Cable is for suckers who like to waste money and can’t entertain themselves, so network or cable television is out. So at nighttime its either more reading, or watching one of the all-time great movies for men–maybe The Godfather or Rambo or Fight Club, or even Jermemiah Johnson, who knows? If you feel like being entertained by athletes, you listen to a spots game on the radio afterwards.

If you’re feeling so inclined, it might be time to go to the bar and have a few cold ones in the company of a friend or two. But, more likely, you’re just going to go straight to bed and prepare to kick some ass tomorrow.

The Spartan Lifestyle is as simple as it is frugal. Spartans don’t waste any money, or life’s most valuable commodity–time. Meals are healthy, cheap, and delicious. Simplicity is the key. Everything that’s done is simple, deliberate, and most important, effective.

The notion that it takes glamour and lots of money to achieve The American Dream is just a lie peddled to you by major corporations and The Big Bossman at work, both of which only want to keep you a slave. Don’t fall victim.