by Nick_Adams


Welcome to Spartan Lifestyle–a celebration of efficiency, simplicity, dedication, and fitness: in other words, a celebration of all things masculine. (This is my first article, so I’m going to keep this simple, and general.)

You wouldn’t know it if you watch cable television, or read the pop culture magazines, or were raised by the thought policed public school system, because all those things are infected by that cancer in our society referred to as feminism; but being a man, and the traits inherent to masculinity–aggression, strength, perseverance, fairness–should be celebrated.

Yet tragically, we live in a society that celebrates mediocrity, passiveness, weakness, and quitting. That’s what feminism has wrought–a society dominated by placing how one feels over what one accomplishes. And it’s all around us. We have movies where men are made to look like lazy, effeminate dolts. Businesses have HR departments that are run by feminists that do nothing but stifle productivity with their unbounded worship of “sensitivity”. Public schools have embarked on a war on boys and subsequently masculinity (any wonder why the vast majority of school teachers are women?)

But all is not lost. There is still one place where a man can keep it real: The Gym! The gym is one place where you can’t boot-lick your way to the top. You can’t get yourself into shape by sucking up to your trainer or lifting partner the way promotions are granted at work to the guy who kisses his boss’ ass. You will never get yourself into six-pack abs shape merely because your uncle owns the gym. You can’t make a backroom deal to get yourself into shape. And buying the most expensive frill-filled gym membership will never guarantee that you lose even one pound!

Conversely, when you go to the gym, nobody can flatter you into thinking you’re better than you are. Weights, stopwatches and odometers don’t lie.

My friends, the gym is a meritocracy. And that’s a beautiful thing. And like all things beautiful, it’s simple. So if you truly want to become a Spartan, get your ass into that gym and lift a heavy weight repeatedly. Step onto a treadmill and run for as long and as fast as you can. Repeat daily. Watch your body transform. It’s hard, but you will discover a discipline that you never thought existed.

You’ll transform your life. You’ll feel like a man.