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A Typical Spartan Day

ImageYou wake up in the morning when your body is ready–not when the alarm clock sounds. You make yourself a banana and strawberry smoothie that’s as tasty as it is healthy.

When you open up your email account, you find another purchase order or two, sent while you were sleeping–more passive income, one more step towards financial freedom. You work like hell for the three hours or so trying to make yourself some money selling products you developed. And then you’re done. Note: this is not slaving away for 8 hours per day 50 weeks per year for the Big Boss Man (or Woman) who can fire you at any moment on their own whim. Spartans are independent.

Now it’s probably 1 p.m. or so, which means it’s time for The Spartan Workout. The Spartan Workout may involve lifting heavy weights as many times as possible until your muscles shake violently. It might also involve running as hard and fast as you can for as long as you possible can. Lunch might be a tuna fish sandwich with just enough mayo to keep it together (not much).

You get home and enjoy some leisure time. A wise Spartan will take this opportunity to better himself. He will learn a new skill, or take up a new trade. He may learn how to build furniture, or repair automobiles. He may read a great book for men, preferably written by someone like Herman Melville, or Ernest Hemingway. If he’s feeling extra energetic today, he may play some pickup basketball.

Before you know it, it’s dinner time. You grab some chicken out of your refrigerator that you defrosted last night for today, cut it up into small peices and set it aside. Then you chop up some peppers, mushroom, and on onion. Butter is then melted on a skillet on the stovetop and in go the items. When they’re done, you take them out and eat them over some white rice. The Spartan cleans the dishes when he’s full and is done with it.

Cable is for suckers who like to waste money and can’t entertain themselves, so network or cable television is out. So at nighttime its either more reading, or watching one of the all-time great movies for men–maybe The Godfather or Rambo or Fight Club, or even Jermemiah Johnson, who knows? If you feel like being entertained by athletes, you listen to a spots game on the radio afterwards.

If you’re feeling so inclined, it might be time to go to the bar and have a few cold ones in the company of a friend or two. But, more likely, you’re just going to go straight to bed and prepare to kick some ass tomorrow.

The Spartan Lifestyle is as simple as it is frugal. Spartans don’t waste any money, or life’s most valuable commodity–time. Meals are healthy, cheap, and delicious. Simplicity is the key. Everything that’s done is simple, deliberate, and most important, effective.

The notion that it takes glamour and lots of money to achieve The American Dream is just a lie peddled to you by major corporations and The Big Bossman at work, both of which only want to keep you a slave. Don’t fall victim.


Why The Hollywood Physique is for SPARTANS!


If you want to get in good shape–great shape actually–then you can do it by simply lifting weights, doing regular cardio training (and by regular, I mean AT LEAST six days per week–don’t be lazy), and eating a diet comprised of mostly protein (read: red meat, eggs).

If you do those things (lift heavy weights, run far and fast, and eat protein) you will be in great shape. However, there is shape and then there’s the elite level. If you want to get to the elite level of training and fitness, you need an elite plan. The basics will only take you SO far. 

But if you want to look like Brad Pitt from Fight Club, you’re going to need a more detailed regimen. Well folks, have no fear, I will direct you to a regimen that is the real deal of both working out AND dieting. A muscle shaping regimen to make you look and feel even greater than you will already be. If you are the type of person who goes to the gym, has built some muscle, and is now looking to capitalize on your fitness gains and take it to the next level: this program is for you.

So allow me to introduce the Hollywood Physique: the program for people serious about getting the most out of their body and their training. My friends, if you follow this program, you will be THAT guy at the bar who the GIRLS randomly start talking to. Women will approach you at the gym and ask you to take your shirt off for them.


The program was developed by a Clay Rogers, who had sampled with various workout and supplements for years, with marginal success, but never reaching the elite level of fitness he had hoped for. After years of trial and error and tailoring his workout routine he began studying anatomy and metabolic workouts. Through intense training with lighter weights combined with very short rest periods (30 seconds or less) he began seeing the results he struck gold. His physique became shredded. After trying the same workout on a few of his friends and having the same success, he decided to put his method into a book format, and The Hollywood Physique

This highly detailed workout program is generally a low weight, but high intensity program, aimed at shaping the muscles you have already built through your previous training. The program focuses on chest width, shoulder width, low body fat abs, calve width, and biceps size. This program will shape your muscles so that they become more visible. That’s what’s great about this program. Your weight gains in muscle are TARGETED to certain areas instead of “wherever they wind up”.

The Hollywood Physique also contains a highly detailed diet program, which is highly instructional and relatively easy to follow. It is also “paleo” friendly, which means it is comprised of just meats and vegetables. (I am a huge follower of the paleo diet.) Once you begin this diet, you must stick with it otherwise you will jeopardize your fitness gains.

Don’t get me wrong, as always, it will take some serious dedication on this program. You must eat, workout, and go to bed at the same times every day. The workout and diets are not easy. But like anything else in life that is hard, they are rewarding.

To my fellow and would-be Spartans, I cannot recommend this program enough.

Some content on this page was disabled on October 24, 2015 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Clay Rogers. You can learn more about the DMCA here:
Some content on this page was disabled on October 24, 2015 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Clay Rogers. You can learn more about the DMCA here:

Why Spartans must value privacy


There are few more things anti-masculine than willingly and gleefully abandoning your privacy. Yet we see it all the time.

Telling the world every intimate detail of your life is fine—if you’re a 15-year-old girl. But anyone who follows the Spartan Lifestyle over the age of 17 should know better. And if he doesn’t, it calls into question the wisdom of those who reared him.

“Men” are frequently and constantly updating their social media accounts with their life’s inner-most details—such as where they’re dining, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, and who they’re hanging out with. I have a buddy who once gave away my whereabouts on a social media account (when I was supposed to be somewhere else) and I had to give him the tongue-lashing of his life. (Next time, it’s going to be the beating of his life.)

I have even heard pathetic stories of “men” who have given their girlfriends the passwords to their email and social media accounts! This is wrong on so many levels it would take a whole separate post to detail the folly.

In any event, the main reason that society has trained its citizens to freely give up so much of their privacy really isn’t do to nefarious reasons such as a need to spy on its citizens. First of all, you’re too boring. The government already knows that the vast majority of you do nothing but watch internet porn, eat junk fast food, and obsess over sports and reality television. Secondly, the government can’t even run a post office so do you really think they can spy on boring citizens like you?

No. The real reason why you’re being conditioned to do with any semblance of privacy is so the big shots in the corporate world—who fund the pezzanavantes (pezzanavente: slang, meaning “big shot”) in the big daddy gubment—can sell you shit that you don’t need by making you think you want it.

But privacy is tantamount to a safe and happy masculine life.  So it should be sacred.

Here are a few tips for how to keep your privacy.

First of all, get rid of your damn social media account. It will not only increase your privacy quotient, but it will also improve your life. Let’s face it, all you do is waste time on social media anyways. That time could be saved working out, cooking nutritious meals, (which cuts down the need for junk food), or reading something worthwhile—so you’re not a damn know-nothing. In sum, you could be productive instead.

Secondly, get a “ghost” address. A ghost address is a place where you can receive mail. This is huge, because it prevents people from knowing where you live. You could use a P.O. Box, or your ghost address could be a family member’s home where you can get your mail.

Third, you should develop an alias that you can give to people you don’t deem important. If the person you’re meeting is someone you really have no reason to care about (AKA, most people), than give them a fake name. This seems like a small thing, but the benefits are unbelievable.

Cash is the best method for paying for anything. Do your part to keep cash as a key form of payment by using it whenever possible. If you MUST use a card form of payment, use a prepaid debit card, as this can’t be easily traced back to you. Same thing goes for cell phones. Don’t have a registered cell phone, but instead buy one from the store and get a prepaid plan.

When dealing with the cops, be cooperative, but never give them ANY more information than they require. It will only be used against you. If they ask you for your social security number, politely ask if you’re required by law. When they say “no”, politely decline,  saying you are nervous and can’t remember.

Well, there you have it friends. Privacy is the key to a healthy, productive, safe, and masculine life.

Fellow Spartans, I recommend you start taking it seriously.–Nick Adams



Welcome to Spartan Lifestyle–a celebration of efficiency, simplicity, dedication, and fitness: in other words, a celebration of all things masculine. (This is my first article, so I’m going to keep this simple, and general.)

You wouldn’t know it if you watch cable television, or read the pop culture magazines, or were raised by the thought policed public school system, because all those things are infected by that cancer in our society referred to as feminism; but being a man, and the traits inherent to masculinity–aggression, strength, perseverance, fairness–should be celebrated.

Yet tragically, we live in a society that celebrates mediocrity, passiveness, weakness, and quitting. That’s what feminism has wrought–a society dominated by placing how one feels over what one accomplishes. And it’s all around us. We have movies where men are made to look like lazy, effeminate dolts. Businesses have HR departments that are run by feminists that do nothing but stifle productivity with their unbounded worship of “sensitivity”. Public schools have embarked on a war on boys and subsequently masculinity (any wonder why the vast majority of school teachers are women?)

But all is not lost. There is still one place where a man can keep it real: The Gym! The gym is one place where you can’t boot-lick your way to the top. You can’t get yourself into shape by sucking up to your trainer or lifting partner the way promotions are granted at work to the guy who kisses his boss’ ass. You will never get yourself into six-pack abs shape merely because your uncle owns the gym. You can’t make a backroom deal to get yourself into shape. And buying the most expensive frill-filled gym membership will never guarantee that you lose even one pound!

Conversely, when you go to the gym, nobody can flatter you into thinking you’re better than you are. Weights, stopwatches and odometers don’t lie.

My friends, the gym is a meritocracy. And that’s a beautiful thing. And like all things beautiful, it’s simple. So if you truly want to become a Spartan, get your ass into that gym and lift a heavy weight repeatedly. Step onto a treadmill and run for as long and as fast as you can. Repeat daily. Watch your body transform. It’s hard, but you will discover a discipline that you never thought existed.

You’ll transform your life. You’ll feel like a man.